Yoga Loft 200 Hour RYT Teacher Training! Next Session Sept 2016 Open House August 18th!

Upcoming Workshops: 108 Sun Salutations Workshop 5/13 at 6pm - Teacher Training Open House and Free Class 5/26 5:45pm



Yoga Loft Chicago is a beautiful studio located a few blocks off Michigan Ave in the heart of River North. Offering our signature Power Flow Vinyasa daily as well as a wide range of classes to suit every level, we're passionate about bringing Yoga and Wellness to our community. Try our Yoga classes, or increase your endurance and overall fitness through our Fit Loft Studio: Sculpt, Core, and Personal Training.

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Click Here and fill out the form and our Yoga Advisor will call you within 48 hours to discuss your particular situation. You can also call us at 312-344-1606 to purchase or simply just to chat with us. Find your balance, become more focused, improve your strength and  flexibility. Prepare to be comfortable yet challenged, breathe, sweat and have fun! Embark on this path and enjoy greater self awareness, increased endurance, detoxification and all of the physical, spiritual and emotional benefits of a regular yoga practice. We love our students! Come join us and feel the energy!